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I have been a storyteller for most of my life. I wrote my first story in the sixth grade and I wish I had a copy of it now. All I can recall is the title: Priscilla's Christmas. As the years passed, I would make time to write because I loved it. When I was working as a librarian, my assistant, who loved historical romances, got me started reading romance. I wrote my first historical romance by hand in a notebook. That is another story I don't have now. But writing that story got me started writing, more as a hobby than anything else, which by the way, is fine. I will tell any writer that as long as you find joy in doing the work, it doesn't matter what your end goals are.

I did keep writing when I could while being a single mom and managing a medical clinic. I was fortunate enough to sell some of my work, and I won awards. Most importantly, I met some writers who became life-long best friends. It is so great when you meet people who are your "tribe."

I can't say life has been an easy road, especially over the last few years, but creating stories and characters kept me going in the darkest of times. I feel so fortunate now. Every day that I sit down to write, I cherish the opportunity.

What I write, when it comes to romance, is a romantic love story with an emphasis on emotion and affection. The unsuspecting couple faces attraction, angst, and humor as love turns their world upside down. A cast of family and friends adds a little mayhem and fun to the mix. Heat level is warm.

What I don't write in romance is any kind of dark theme. No explicit sexual details or constant graphic language.

I'm from a small town and love small-town settings. I have a contemporary series that is set in the small town of Lafayette Falls, Tennessee, near Nashville. Besides loving that part of the country, I'm crazy about the French Quarter in New Orleans, and that is where my historical romances are set, during the War of 1812 time period. I have a few single-title novellas. Any of my books can be read as stand-alone as there are no cliffhanger endings. I am hoping to have most of these books published in 2023-24.

My personal interests and favorites are often reflected in my books and characters. I love old historic homes, romantic d├ęcor, antiques, photography, and music.

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