The Curse of True Love

This story is my first Kindle Vella title. It is told in short episodes and the entire story is available. It’s a paranormal romantic comedy that was so much fun to write. The first three episodes are free and they are available on the Kindle Vella app for iPhones and also on Amazon. If you enjoy an episode, be sure to “Like” it.

The storyline goes something like this: Ryan hits the jackpot when he inherits an old Louisiana estate worth a fortune. Regrettably, Ryan can’t cash in because the estate is under a warlock’s dark spell. After he falls for beautiful Amélie Faucheaux, who has been imprisoned in her portrait for two hundred years, Ryan is determined to break the spell so he can claim his inheritance and rescue Amélie. Can the curse of true love be broken? Not without a price Ryan isn’t prepared to pay.

Ryan is an “everyday guy” who becomes something of an Indiana Jones before it is all said and done.

In 1812, Amélie is a charming heroine who was cast into her portrait by a vengeful witch in New Orleans. She’s completely naïve when it comes to the present time.

My favorite secondary character is Lucilla, a supernatural being that becomes something of a guardian and a thorn in Ryan’s side. She takes on several different appearances during the story and she was so much fun to write.

This story will be available as an eBook later on this fall!