Step into the sultry world of the French Quarter Brides, a captivating romance series set in the heart of New Orleans during the tumultuous times of the War of 1812.

As American troops fight for control of the city, our dashing heroes find themselves in the midst of a war-torn world, where danger lurks around every corner. But amidst the chaos, they find themselves falling for the most unlikely of heroines - fiery, independent French women who refuse to be conquered.

 As they navigate the treacherous waters of love and war, each couple must face their own personal demons and the nefarious plots of villains who threaten to tear them apart. But through it all, their passion burns bright, igniting a love that is as wild and untamed as the city itself. 

From the moonlit courtyards to glamorous balls, the French Quarter Brides series takes readers on a thrilling journey of adventure, intrigue, and romance. So if you're ready for a tale of passion, danger, and the indomitable spirit of love, come discover the magic of the French Quarter Brides romance series.

Content Advisory: The French Quarter Brides series contains consensual love scenes between the hero and heroine, heat level 3, with an emphasis on emotions rather than explicit details. The stories do have scenes of violence, such as duels, battles, physical fights, and self-defense. Some of the characters have dealt with tragedy or violence in the past. The books do have light-hearted moments to offset the more serious scenes. There is also some strong language at times. Since the stories are set in a past time period, they may not be what is considered politically correct today. If you think you might be offended by any of the above, I don’t encourage you to read the books.


To Save a Lady~Book One

Amid the chaos of war and romance in 1814, a rugged American captain and a beautiful French spy meet in the French Quarter, where the lines between loyalty, love, and duty blur, and a perilous search for a missing boy leads them into treacherous situations that not only threaten their lives but their love as well.