Dear Reader,

Please be advised that in my traditional romance novels, there may be an element of tragedy, loss, or trauma in a character's past, which plays a role in the conflict/plot of the story. There may be flashbacks or dialogue related to these incidents. However, I have not written any stories where these events are occurring in the present.

In my historical romances set in New Orleans, there is on-stage violence as in gunfights, duels, battles, etc.

There is occasional mild to strong swearing when the occasion calls for it.

It is important to note that I do not include any "dark" themes, incest, bondage, etc. in my stories. Additionally, while there are open-door love scenes in my longer books, they do not contain explicit sexual details or graphic terms/language.

I always say I write "cable channel love scenes." 🥰 A new term that describes my books is "slow burn." Slow-burn books are described as having simmering tension, and chemistry, all building on the character's emotions and motivations regarding getting involved in a romantic relationship.

The romances are works of fiction and are not meant to influence the reader regarding personal safety/protection.

Each book will have content information listed in the Author's Note at the beginning of the book and on my webpage.