Meet the Characters: Travis and Cameron from A Date for the Wedding

I started writing A Date for the Wedding in the spring of 2020. At that time, Covid-19 was slowly becoming a reality and brought about a change in my life as in no job. I decided I wanted to write a fun story that was cute, sexy, and charming. A Date for the Wedding was the result. It isn’t totally fluffy as it does have some serious moments.

Travis was the ideal hero for this book. He was a joy to write. He’s a firefighter who lost his fiancée in a car accident several years ago. He’s searching for love again and having no luck. In fact, he’s dated so many women that he’s developed a reputation as a womanizer. Travis is outgoing and friendly. Growing up in Lafayette Falls, he was a popular kid and everyone in town knows him. The girl of his dreams, Molly, is new to Lafayette Falls and when Travis sees her, he falls head-over-heels. At last, he’s finally found “the one.” Yet his reputation precedes him and he finds himself fearing he’ll never win over Molly. Travis is so in love that I felt sorry for him at times. LOL.

The character who has to be there for Travis is Cameron, his older brother. Cameron was an unplanned character. I had no idea Travis had a brother and Cameron just showed up. That’s what I call story magic. Cameron is the opposite of his younger brother. He’s not friendly or outgoing. He’s more of an intimidating loner, who runs the Wolf Creek Horse and Cattle Company. He and Travis have some of the best sibling dialogue. By the end of the book, I knew I had to write a book featuring Cameron and I am working on the final draft now.

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Patricia 🌷

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