Romantic Settings~Creating Lafayette Falls

I love all things romantic and I’m guilty of creating romanticized settings in my books. Having grown up in a small town, I wanted to recapture the friendliness and familiarity that small towns evoke especially the historical downtown areas and court square. Lafayette Falls has a historical downtown area dating back to the 1900s, but it has expanded as most towns have over the decades.

I wanted a town large enough to have a variety of businesses, shopping centers, restaurants, parks, and a modern medical center so it would lend itself to my characters having a variety of occupations. The fictional town is about an hour’s drive from Nashville. It is near the Natchez Trace Parkway, which is one of my favorite drives. My mother grew up in Cypress Inn, Tennessee, near the Trace.

The area was always my first choice for a setting because I wanted to write about an area I know well. Plus I love the beauty of the rolling foothills of the Cumberland Plateau because it lends itself to beauty scenery. Forested hills, lakes, waterfalls, and trails. I love seeing the fall colors during the autumn. I have two books that will be set in the fall, my favorite season.

Check out some of the photos I’ve taken during my travels that inspired the Lafayette Falls setting.

I hope you will join my characters as they find love in Lafayette Falls!

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